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Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need

Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need - Dave Barry I used to wait for Dave Barry's column in the paper as a child, with his off-the-wall, crazy sense of humor that could take the most mundane, routine topic and help you see it in a whole new way. This book, written as a spoof of typical travel guide books, did not disappoint me. (I actually think he wrote it while either highly intoxicated, or high on something). Nonetheless, it contained much humorous misinformation, such as how to tourniquet a poisonous snake when camping, or how much custom agents love "tips", plus useful phrases that could come in handy in a foreign country when traveling, such as the German for, "I have got my mojo working". Anyone that has experienced the joys of traveling with children in a small car, or air travel would totally relate to his useful tips. This was a light-hearted piece of nonsensical humor that did not require much concentration or involvement.