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Lighthouse Jive

Lighthouse Jive - Jonathan  Dunne I received this book as an ARC for honest review.
I really enjoyed this book. Mr. Dunne has an unusual, quirky sense of humor that made for a laugh out loud good read. The unexpected, comedic turns the story takes makes for a book you don't want to put down. The tale is about a strange but loveable family, struggling with issues but finds a way, albeit unusual, to try to solve some problems, and come to grips with those they can't change. Characters include a father/husband tired of life in a world that has nothing but bad news, to a wife/mother who dwells too much on conspiracy theories, a daughter in love with a low I.Q. boxer, and a son who throws his voice through a dog, to a midget with a mouth from hell, and a hippy-hermit they call "The Island God" work to create a memorable story. I think this would make a rollicking good comedic movie. I recommend this book to anyone wanting a good laugh and a happy ending. : )