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The Godfather

The Godfather - Peter Bart, Robert Thompson, Mario Puzo Excellent! I liked this book very much. Being 1/4 Italian I could relate a lot to many parts of this book (though none of my family were in the mafia), because so many things were common culturally, such as, honor the family (if you bring any dishonor to the family/name you are disowned, etc.), men work and women cook/clean/have babies/never complain; marriage is forever, no matter what; never question husband; wait on husband hand and foot, and treat him like a king.... and I could go on and on. This book focuses on the mafia from the perspective of the crime family and how they see their illegal activities as a business, and the unlawful activities that they engage in are not truly morally wrong (even though against the law), just actions that need to be taken in order for their business to survive. I would recommend this book to anybody that likes a good book.