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Reflection of the Son

Reflection of the Son - Todd Coburn Want to know more about Christianity and some foundational prinicples? This book is great for explaining those. For those already a Christian, it is good to remind us that we should be allowing the Lord to shine through us. It has multiple scripture references so that the reader can go see for him/herself what does the Bible actually say, and would be useful in trans-version study of many different translations, and word studies as well. It would also be a useful book for Bible studies too. I think we all encounter times, when we feel that we are not making an impact or a difference, and can get caught up in the notion of "If I just try a little harder, work a little more, etc", when this book is a great reminder of that it is not in our strength anything is accomplished, but His, and good for helping to get back on track by looking to the Lord, and not ourselves. I would encourage all Christians to read this book, and non-Christians looking to more about the Faith.
I received this book from the author.