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The Art and History of Books

The Art and History of Books - Norma Levarie This book combined 3 of my favorite things: history, antiquities, and books... what could be better? This book was fascinating, looking at no only the history of the book and illustrations, but bookmaking and type. Studying the photos of the ancient books was very enlightening. I will continue to refer back to this book in the future, for facts and inspiration. A quote from the beginning of the book, " ' I read the beautiful clay tablets from Sumer and the obscure Akkadian writing which is hard to master. I had my joy in the reading of inscriptions in stone from the time before the flood...' These are the words of Ashurbanipal, the last great king of the Assyrian Empire, in the 7th century before Christ." serves to remind us, that no matter the form, people have always loved to read, and the long and intriguing history of books proves that. When this book was first published, in 1968, it was considered groundbreaking, and remains as one of the go-to references about the techniques regarding bookmaking over the centuries.