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Island Rush

Island Rush - Marien Dore I hated this book. I forced myself to finish it, but will definitely never read it again. I could believe none of the characters, or parts of the story. At times, I felt some of the characters acted in a way that would realistically never happen. For instance, on their way to a class trip in the Bahamas, the plane crashes and Janice and Mr. Rush are the only 2 survivors. They end up on a deserted island, have no idea what they will eat for days at a time, until they accidentally stumble onto a food source. Not knowing when they will eat next, instead of looking for food, they decide they will make out under a tree all day. Real people would not act that way, in that situation. There were several instances like this in the book.

Apart from the unbelievable story, there is moral issues with this too. It is revealed while on the island, that for some time, Mr. Rush, the high school teacher, and Janice, his underage student, have had crushes on each other. We know things like this happen in the real world, but do we really want to glorify it by making a love story of it? Also, Janice is raped by her father and brother.... again, we know bad things like this happen, but the author goes into graphic detail about the incidents, which I felt totally unnecessary, and then there is the comment after the incidents, stating if one liked those things, how could she judge? Totally inappropriate, and sick too. I would not recommend this book to anyone-- it was not worth the time spent reading.