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Amy - Mary Kingswood I received this e-book as an ARC. If you enjoyed [b:Pride and Prejudice|1885|Pride and Prejudice|Jane Austen|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1320399351s/1885.jpg|3060926], or [b:Little Women|1934|Little Women (Little Women, #1)|Louisa May Alcott|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1388269517s/1934.jpg|3244642] you should enjoy this series. Amy, and the first chapter of Belle (included at the end of the book as a preview), reminded me much of them. The Daughters of Allamont series is about a family of girls and their quest to find suitable husbands, after the death of their father, in order to be eligible for their dowries as set forth by the terms of his will. The challenge is that the daughters have to marry in a certain order, in order for all to get their inheritance. I would have been enchanted by this series as a young girl, gravitating toward historically set stories, and would recommend it to any young girl who has such tastes. If one is looking for steamy, erotic sagas, then this is not for you. I, myself, would like to read the rest, as my interest in the Allamont family has been peaked and wish to learn what happens to the rest of the daughters.