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The Vanirim

The Vanirim - T.J. Slee This is a futuristic book written about a time after the world has been invaded and subjugated by a race of ancient demi-gods, who have supposedly watched the earth for millennia and have to intervene in order to save the human race from destroying the earth and itself. This race of ruling demi-gods, called the Vanir, are supposedly indestructible, until they start to die, and the human who is being blamed for their deaths, Tully McIntyre, viewed as an hero by all of humankind. The book kept me spell-bound, wondering what would happen next, and rooting for Mr. McIntyre. It is obvious that author T. J. Slee has done research in many areas to provide background, and is a wonderful writer, capable of telling a compelling story. I very much enjoyed this book, with many twists and turns, and its unexpected ending. I look forward very much to read more from this author. The Vanirim has elements of crime, fantasy, as well as thriller traits, and I think is a good fusion, maybe even a new genre? Congratulations T. J. for putting your unique imagination into an entertaining read!