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Symposium on Erosion and Cavitation (Sixty-fourth Annual Meeting Papers)

Symposium on Erosion and Cavitation (Sixty-fourth Annual Meeting Papers) - American Society for Testing and Materials This book was geared towards scientists, researchers, and engineers. It was very technical, very scientific and had lots of math formulas. I did find it interesting though. It dealt with erosion and other problems that in particular effect metal and other substances used in airplanes, turbines, etc. I had never thought, for instance, that a 1 or 2 mm drop of water falling 1000 feet, at many hundreds of feet a sec, was the equivalent of a bullet hitting metal (which of course would be of particular interest to aeronautical engineers). The book also looked at craters such as on the moon to compare with similar craters on materials on earth. The scientists state that the evidence in some of the lunar craters (with a raised portion in center) would suggest that the impact from whatever produced said crater hit with such force that both projectile and surface of moon were momentarily liquefied, the almost instantly (because of the extreme temps) frozen. I think that because of the vast amount of technical data, and math problems many people would find the book extremely boring, but I learned some things.