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An Amazing Suspense/ Thriller/ Mystery (quite graphic-- comes with a warning)

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Lines of Justice: Aždaja - Lee Sherred

Oh man that was intense.... I just finished it. I haven't read anything that intense since The Policewoman, and even more graphic (if you can imagine that!)... but worth it. You might need a strong stomach, and it is definitely not for your kids, but it would make an incredible movie!

The story basically has its start in Kosovo, during the Yugoslav War, when NATO forces were sent on their peace-keeping mission. A contingent of those forces is sent to find out what has happened to a policeman and his family that has gone missing. It is suspected that his disappearance is due to the fact that he had been investigating the murders of some Kosovar Albanians, and wanted justice. He is found, barely alive, in a very terrible state, and the torturer, known as Aždaja, is still in the room, in the shadows. Aždaja is seen as a hero among some of the more radical Serbians, including some with lots of power, and thus suffers no punishment. Fast forward to the present.... murders start happening again, this time in the UK, with the same M.O. as Aždaja. Those who had happened to witness the previous crime and their families seem to be target. Those who had witnessed what he had done years earlier knew, but for the rest of the world-- they were clueless. One ex-NATO soldier, now policeman, who has just been diagosed with colon cancer and given 5 years to live, sees it as his mission to stop Aždaja and do humanity a favor. No one knows the killer's real name-- he has taken the name of Aždaja, which is a legendary and mythical creature from Balkan folklore that was a many- headed dragon like creature, and pure evil. The book ended in a manner leading me to believe their will be more to come. I would like to thank the author for a copy of this book-- I expect to see some great stuff to come from him!