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Coming of Age Angst and Agony

Queen of Corona - Péter Esterházy
Queen of Corona is a book aimed at teen/ young adult and is about a girl coming of age. Roza is from inner city New York, from a one-parent home and growing up with all the challenges that come from both. She is trying to figure out who she is, what she wants out of life and what she believes. One thing that angers her is the shoddy education children in her income strata and location are offered, which only helps to keep generation after generation in the repeating cycle of poverty. Wanting to make a difference and to make her voice heard, she gets involved with an activist group who has a protest planned for their high school graduation ceremony and things go awry. The cops horribly overreact and innocent life is lost, and Roza is sent to her mother's native Poland to avoid being punished for the unfortunate event. 

The tale takes a painful look at issues many youth are struggling with: drugs, sex, insecurity, social ills, friends in difficult situations and the growing pains associated with adolescence. There is alot of street language/ slang so if one is not aware of some of the meanings-- reading could be a challenge at times to understand exactly what is meant. My thanks to the author for the copy of the book.