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The Keys to DJ Khaled's Success

The Keys - DJ Khaled

The Keys is a book detailing DJ Kaled's incredible success in record producing and music. The Keys are not so much how to succeed in the industry, but more of a set of guidelines that DJ applies to all of areas of his life that he believes has helped him succeed. He gives snippets of his life growing up here in America as a Palestinian, challenges he and his family hurdled and lessons learned from each. Also included are messages from his celebrity friends/associates about his character, work ethic and vision. It was interesting to learn that he doesn't "party", rarely drinks alcohol and has never done drugs as those things seem to be synonymous with the celebrity lifestyle-- but is one of his "Keys" that he avoids as he feels those habits are counter-productive to success. More "Keys" are: "Stay away from 'They', Secure the Bag, Respect the Code, and Win,Win,Win No Matter What". It was interesting to read from his perspective about the self-imposed rules he governs his life by and how he feels each contributed to his unbelievable success. I received this book in a giveaway-- thank you!