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An Island Newly Born

Houghton Mifflin the Nation's Choice: Theme Paperbacks Easy Level Theme 2 Grade 6 Surtsey, Newest Place on Earth - Houghton Mifflin Company
After a volcanic eruption of the coast of Iceland, Surtsey, a new island was born. Scientists loved this spectacular event as it gave them a rare opportunity to watch the island slowly transform from a mass of volcanic rock into an island with flora and fauna. To protect it and watch the transformation, only scientists have been allowed access to it, and those only in selected places so as to leave as small as possible human impact. The book includes many photos showing how the evolution happened, but being published in 1992, it would be nice to have an updated sequel. I hadn't heard of this island until I read the book, but it was enlightening and interesting as the scientists themselves were surprised at how quickly some life took root.