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Harold Thinks Big - Jim Murphy, Susanna Natti


[/spoiler] Harold has a crush on Esther, but there is a problem-- she already has a boyfriend... a big one who happens to be a football star named Bruiser. Not to be deterred, Harold seeks the advice of Owl, a guy who knows everything, and is told that Harold must think big and do something extraordinary to capture Esther's attention and heart. And that is exactly what he does. At the next football game, he pulls out all the stops. He has arranged for the scoreboard to flash a message of his love of Esther, the band play a love song and spell out their names on the field, a blimp fly by dropping hundreds of balloons with terms of his endearment, but none of this impresses her. In fact, it makes her mad and she insults him. What he realizes at the end is that his friend Susie has always had a crush on him, has stood by him and he has the most in common with. Cute pictures.