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Gray Hawk Terrapin - Moss Whelan
I did enjoy this book very much! Worlds of fantasy, stepping through unseen doors and crossing magical bridges and encountering fantastical creatures-- it was a tale that as a child I would have adored and read again and again.
Mool lives in Vancouver, but her father has been dead since she was small and she has never had really any friends except for an imaginary green lion named Inbrel and two talking mice names Robert and Pierre. Her mother has received word that she must go to help take care of her ailing brother, Mool's Uncle Matthew. Mool does not want to leave the only home she has ever known, but upon arriving at their destination, can't quite believe where she is. Nothing is as it is supposed to be and her mother informs her that this "other" world is actually where she and Mool's father are from. The land of Terrapin and her "imaginary" friends Inbrel, Pierre, and Robert actually live here. Danger abounds-- children are disappearing, Inbrel is illegally arrested, there is a war going on and no one can be trusted. Mool reluctantly makes "friends" with Olga her cousin and they have many adventures together trying to find Inbrel and avoid capture themselves. Mool doesn't think much of herself until she discovers her destiny, which is something she would have never guessed. I received this book from the author for an honest review, and it was a delight to read!