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Simple Truth is a fictional story that focuses on issues that impact everyone in some way. Angela Darrah works for the largest P.R. firm in Iowa and is handed a big client that results in her getting promoted. The firm she works for has been hired to help with Barton Meat Packing's image as they have had to deal with a recall on chicken that some people got sick eating. She goes totally prepared to be the best they could have asked for, wanting to impress her bosses and further her career. Once there though, things start to unravel. For one, she is faced with confronting prejudices and assumptions (some she didn't realize she'd had) and rethinking stereotypes that are common about immigrants, illegals and other races. At Barton Packing she starts to see things that aren't ethical, or that she questions about what the truth is and is torn between doing her job and what is right. Add to that, she begins to feel an attraction to the plant supervisor who is El Salvadoran (he feels likewise), but she can't act on her feelings because he is part of the client company. As she learns of the living conditions that some of the immigrants have to live with, she becomes aware of one little boy's situation in particular (who happens to be one of the 'border children' that DACA was so recently in the new about) and is moved to try to help him. Her eyes are opened as to what true integrity is-- that professional integrity and personal are not separate, but integrated, and it matters not if one's personal convictions are pure and noble if no voice is put to them. Basically, if one doesn't stand for something, they will stand for nothing. 
The book had a good message, and caused the reader to reflect and meditate about those very issues on a personal level. Examination is good. : )
I found the book well written, with a good flow and pace and nicely edited with no typos. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.... thank you!