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Tesla (Obliterating the Deep State Series #1)
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365 Style: A Girl-to-Girl Guide to Keep You On-Track and On-Trend Every Day of the Year - Nicky Hilton


The book's primary focus was about fashion, but was a lot more too. I was surprised that despite her celebrity status and jet-set lifestyle she is frugal. Her fashion philosophy (reflected in the title) for not only everyday of the year (365) but also 3-6-5 which is thus: 
For each season:
The 3 main reasons you dress (and for each individual, it would vary, so the book is adaptable to each reader), such as work, school, dates (or whatever-- fill in the blanks)
5 main essential pieces (that are classics, never trendy and if cared for, can go from year to year), so that when combined with various accessories, etc can make a large variety of outfits
6 main accessories

She advises to spend good money on the quality classics as they will typically last longer and if a person wants to buy something trendy, spend as little on it as possible so that when it is no longer chic, not much money is lost. I was a bit surprised to find she goes to thrift shops, picks up something older that appeals to her and restyles or repairs it. It was also surprising to find she goes to great lengths to have shoes repaired, even her cheap ones. She said many of her shoes (even the ones she bought cheaply) have been resoled many times until they literally fall apart. She also advises for everyone to develop their own style, not imitate what one saw a star, ad or mannequin wear because the sense will be conveyed while wearing it that it is not truly you. She advises pick up quality pieces and combine them in a way that is uniquely your own.

There were many family pictures in the book, of her growing up, with her siblings and parents. Her parents are one of the few Hollywood couples to have stuck together, and she credited her father with instilling into them a good work ethic. Ms. Hilton said that she was expected to get a job young, which she did at 15, and anything they wanted, they had to work and save for-- nothing was given to them, which goes against the lifestyle most people envision the the children born and raised in the spotlight to have. 

She ends the book in a refreshing way, taking the book beyond fashion: 
"It takes more than glitz and glamour on the outside to really have 'style' and shine like a Harry Winston diamond. So what exactly does that mean? To me, being 'stylish' means being the kind of person I am proud to look at in the mirror every night when I wash the makeup off my face. It means feeling truly confident that the way I treat people throughout the day is the way I want to be treated. It means expressing gratitude for all that I have been lucky enough to have while giving as much as I can to help those who care less fortunate. And, above all else, being stylish means being 100 percent authentic to the person I am at heart, and knowing that person is worthy, loving and capable of having a positive influence on the world around her."

I received this book in a giveaway... thank you!