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From my vintage collection (published 1941), a book (I think it may have been issued in public schools for lower elementary age children), that teaches about some of the products (at that time) to come from South America in a series of short stories. One story for each product, it features a child (I would estimate to be between 7-10 yrs old, my guess for the American children reading the book to be able to relate to), and that child's family or the child him/herself involved in the manufacture of that product. The countries and products featured: coffee (Columbia), straw hats (Ecuador), balsa wood (Peru), cacao (Venezuela), and tin (Bolivia). Each story is very "nice" (think "Leave It To Beaver") teaching not only in a very "nice" way about the culture and lifestyle as well, with anything resembling hardship or something sad have been purged. One thing I did find interesting was the desire for the United States (1941 perspective) to develop Bolivia's tin so that America could rely on getting more of it from there to become more self-sufficient and less on "British controlled sources"-- at that time (I am not sure about now) 80% of all the world's production of tin came from Britain or its colonies. When did the shift happen from the desire to be more self-sufficient to now when we have become lackeys in so many areas to other countries?