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Tesla (Obliterating the Deep State Series #1)
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Wow, this has been a crazy last couple of weeks. Yesterday was the first day (after 10) I was able to sit in a chair (albeit for just a bit, but what a relief!) due to my back screwing up, then one of my sons nearly severed his finger at work a few days ago, and we had to consult with the surgeon yesterday and I was on the phone all day with them (they'd call, we'd discuss things for quite a while, then call back and discuss more).... they were trying to determine a game plan on how to do the surgery despite 3 generations of an allergy to anesthesia in my family. A plan was developed (thank God) and tomorrow he goes to have a pin put in, also surgery to repair nerves and tendons, and they are going to try to repair the nail bed (the force of the impact at work when the bone broke and crushed also sent one end of the bone through the nail).... I had to get him to the e.r. a couple of days after it happened because it was still bleeding profusely and I was very concerned. It turns out that some of the stitches had "slipped" and there wasn't enough tissue for the stitches to "grab" onto.... I know tomorrow, after it is all done, we will be extremely happy for him to be on his way to recovery......

I finished this book earlier but couldn't get on until now. So for my thoughts....
This book was definitely different.... unusual, and strange (in a way). Gee (aka George Edwards Evers) walks into the little town of Rosebud and ends up saving a toddler from drowning shortly after his arrival, in the process hitting his head and destroying long term memory. He can't remember where he is from, who any of his family are, what his occupation may be. No memories of childhood or any of his life prior to coming within the city limits of Rosebud. In Rosebud, though, he does always seem to be in the right place at the right time to save someone, earning him the name of hero and title of "City Champion". He falls in love with the resident investigative reporter, Karen, who has a knack for uncovering scandals, cover-ups and corruption. The ending left me hanging with several loose ends, but I do understand that this is the first of a series. I liked much of the story. What I thought was weird was the town of Rosebud's industry was mostly in someway connected with the ancient hickory forest that the town owns. They can't eat the nuts (they are poisonous), but make all sorts of stuff out of every bit of the trees. The town almost worships these trees. 7 families pretty much control the town. When the head of one family dies, if there is a challenge to who will be the next head (say between two brothers or cousins) then each one wishing be the head must eat one of these nuts....whoever of the two lives gets to be the head of the family. The families say the "forest" has "chosen". Some feel that the trees "talk" to them, and many members of the various families over the two hundred years they have controlled the town have wanted to go out into the outside world but felt such a powerful connection to these trees as to feel it impossible to leave. 
Also, (I really didn't think this weird, but I didn't care for it).... the local Christian pastor is portrayed as an overbearing fanatic, a religious zealot who is also a pedophile, in charge of a kidnapping and child trafficking ring, and makes illegal drugs that he uses with the consent of many of the church to drug not only the kidnapped kids, but the members' kids as well to brain wash them and make them "more obedient". While I know all professions have good and bad people in them, and people running around with the title of "Man" or "Woman" of God have used that label to do much evil through history I still think the silent majority is good. I am getting quite sick of seeing Christian pastors in literature (and movies) portrayed as scheming crooks, strange quacks, and heinous criminals or just plain idiots. I wouldn't mind so much if in the same piece, and opposing good one was presented. With all the focus so much all the time on this twisted view, I think it gives a negative perception of Christianity and Christians in general as greedy, intolerant, violent and mentally ill, which I do take offense at. This caused me to view this book in a more negative light, and the strangeness with the forest would have been better explained I might have liked it better. Also, I never got closure as to who Gee actually was or where he came from, etc. which left me hanging, and the issue of the child trafficking the church was involved in was never resolved. So, because of these drawbacks I give it just 3 stars. It isn't lower because, like I said, there was parts I did like.... the suspense, the character of Gee, some of the mysteries that were resolved. I received this book in exchange for a free review from the author-- thank you.