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Tesla (Obliterating the Deep State Series #1)
Jason Walker
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Releasing Your Potential: Exposing The Hidden You
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The Genesis Record: A Scientific and Devotional Commentary on the Book of Beginnings
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Under God
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Russian Roulette - Veronica Figg
This book was a short read, and did a pretty good job of holding one's attention. It is about a girl, trained to be a professional killer from a child, working initially in Russia, and later for the CIA, and sent on a mission to Russia to kill the very man than trained her in the beginning. While the plot was good and had good suspense, it felt as though the author wanted to get parts of it done quick and some of the situations were resolved a little too "pat", but that being said, I felt it held tons of promise, and the writer huge amounts of talent. This is a first book by a young author, only 13, and I feel, will be a name to watch for in the future. That is why I gave it as high of a rating as I did-- the author has a good imagination and a way with words.... I can't wait to see what she comes up with as her talent develops and matures!