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Tesla (Obliterating the Deep State Series #1)
Jason Walker
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Fearless - Sarah Tarkoff

Wow-- what a horrible world to live in. After the "Revelations" when the "Prophets" came to power and released upon masses of the global population nanotech, that they unknowingly inhaled, that imbedded itself in people's brains. These mini-computers then would "sense" guilt or other negative feelings by the chemicals those feeling give off in the body, and if detected, would start to deform the that person-- "revealing" them to the rest of the world as "unworthy"-- and everyone is brainwashed into believing that this is through the amazing power of the main "Prophet". Most people have become robots-- unwilling to think any of their own thoughts that differ from whatever is "prophet-correct"-- and basically no more free- will. 
Except for Kendra, who has been learning the truth, and has joined the "Resistance" to end this tyranny and expose this "Prophet" for what he really is-- which is anything but holy or pious. She has also just seen someone that looks like her mom, who she had been led to believe died years before as an "unworthy outcast". Between trying to find this mysterious woman and get some answers, and bring down the "Prophet", and having to watch every word she says and every step she takes-- since no one can be trusted-- not ever her father-- her hands are quite full, and that is a lot for a teenager to deal with. I enjoyed "Fearless"-- it kept me guessing as to what could happen next, and now I have to get #1 in the series, Sinless, to see what events happened in the world to make everyone so willing to embrace such a monster as a leader-- and what had actually happened to Kendra's mother. 
I won this book in a #goodreadsgiveaway-- my thanks to the author and publisher!